Baksa dance arrows grown and evolved since the eighteenth century is the era Sutar Sand. Its creator prince King, since the birth of dikeraton then classified the type of classical dance. Is based upon the needs of entertainment for guests who visited keratin and completion in certain ceremonies. Regardless of the origin of its creator, the influence of Javanese culture, here there is a bit of a dance terasapada Baksa Arrow, is visible from the gamelan as the dance penggiring. There is also the motion of elements in common with dance and keeping java, hcps however there are fundamental differences in motion design and quality of motion, and the dance is still felt Bakasa Arrow banjo specific nuances.

Baksa Arrow Dance is not only deployment in the palace but also began to develop among the common people. This is because the demand for entertainment, therefore the development of Baksa Dance arrows at this period always get the change, both in performance and in garapannya patterns, adapted to the needs of society.